CCN rewards individuals and businesses who sponsor coconut trees.

CCN Secures High Yield commodities (Conservation Assets) and aligns them with the Worlds First Conservation Crypto-Currency, promoted through a unique mobile app designed to generate new and loyal customers, Increased turnover, tax benefits and an eCo friendly image. 

Save Forests

Saving Area's at Risk

CCN works with individuals and businesses to support worldwide protection and preservation of land area's at risk, as well as their inhabitants, through CCN's unique Land Management programs that develop high yield commodity crops, that local  people can work in and profit from..

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Create Wealth

Wealth Creation

Conservation Coins are a unique global crypto-currency that are designed to produce profits for land and coin holders through commodities, such as Coffee, Cocoa, Coconuts. With every coconut tree sponsored, you will be given 100"s or even 1000's of conservation coins.
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Earn Income

Develop Residual Income

CCN uses an innovative revenue share program built on the power of affiliate marketing where. Individuals can earn residual income, enjoy Tax benefits, and the rising value of a crypto-currency that helps help save islands from being lost forever.

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